The Legend of Zelda BS Remix Maps 1 and 2 – English Translated


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The Legend of Zelda BS Remix (Maps 1 and 2) – English Translated

The Legend of Zelda BS Remix Maps 1 and 2 is a remake of the NES game – The Legend of Zelda. It was originally released for the Japanese Famicom market.


The gameplay is very similar to The Legend of Zelda. However, the maximum value of rupees is increased from 255 to 999. In addition, the overworld has been altered, and the dungeons are completely different. There is some allusion to The Legend of Zelda BS Remix being the “Third Quest”, much like The Legend of Zelda’s second quest.

The game is played in real-time. An onscreen clock shows the current time. However, at various times on the clock certain events will happen. Sometimes all enemies on-screen would be killed or stunned, sometimes a fairy would appear, or occasionally the player would be granted an item upgrade (unlimited Bombs, the Magical Boomerang, or the Red Candle) for a limited time.

This game is another popular and fun rpg.

Similar game is The Legend of Zelda – Parallel Worlds.

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