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The Firemen

The Firemen was a Super Nintendo game which was released by Human Entertainment in 1994 (wiki).  It was the first disaster game released by Human Entertainment since SOS.  Originally, the game was released in Europe, Australia and Japan. It was never released in the US market. Is was translated to English and available for sale here at for US Consoles.


Being a fireman is a dangerous yet exciting job, and this game will make you feel that you are taking part in fighting fires. The story with a fire at Microtech which is a large chemical company. This happens during Christmas, and the two main characters, Pete and Daniel, are tasked with saving the civilians from the burning fire. Pete and Daniel start by putting out the fires by removing explosive chemicals from the basement of the facility.

In The Firemen, the main character, Pete is the player. The second character, Daniel is invincible and provides backup to Pete. There are other characters in the game which provide advice and communications to the player.

When I playing The Firemen, I found it be fun and exciting. I found many levels where both Pete and Daniel use their hoses to shoot streams of water to the fire. The use of the fire extinguisher is unlimited in the game. However, if Pete takes any damage from the fire and the extreme heat, the game is over. There is also a ‘boss fire” in every level. These boss fires tend to be difficult to put out. Also, there are civilians who are usable to escape the fire. Saving civilian will partially restore the player’s life gauge.

Just like the original, this game does not have a save feature.

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