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Jelly Boy 2 is a largely complete action/platform game that improves on its predecessor in pretty much every way. Like the original Jerry Boy, a wizard transforms the main character Marine into a jelly creature. This time, the wizard also transforms his four friends and their dog as well. I played through the game, and there is nothing truly broken, with the exception of one character’s special move not working (the girl with a bow in her… blob), which was apparently supposed to allow the character to swim better than all the others. Since it doesn’t work, using that character is pointless. Each stage has five levels. At first, you can choose between five different stages to save all your friends, then you gain access to three other stages with considerably ramped up difficulty. This game is similar to Donkey Kong Country 2, in that there are secret rooms that you must find to get the ultimate ending. It is a fun game, definitely a good way to kill a couple of hours.

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