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Holy Umbrella – Dondera’s Wild

Holy Umbrella – Dondera’s Wild is an interesting game that would never have ever been considered for release in North America. The game has quirky humor with a story-first and action-second gameplay. Though certainly not as intense as most RPGs, Holy Umbrella is very text heavy considering it is a platformer game. This type of game was very common for games relea1sed in Japan using the 1990s. This game is comparable to Zelda II – The Adventure of Link in terms of gameplay. The difficulty level is certainly less then Zelda.


The game starts off with the player running home in the rain. As a result, he happens to see an umbrella sitting on the street. Thinking that he lucked out and would be able to get home without getting wet, he picks up the umbrella and gets transported to another world! He immediately encounters the Dondera Tank, which gives him a good wallop. The player is saved from the tank by a wanderer named Kilorn and a plump bird, Bonto. They tell him of the evil Emperor Dondera, who intends to take over the world. The Princess at the kingdom of Thurgical holds a mystical power that seals a great evil away. Due to the seal weakening, the hero with the Holy Umbrella must defeat the evil in order to return to his own world.

Another fun platformer game to consider is The Legend of Zelda – Goddness of Widsom

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