Brutal Mario World – SNES Super Nintendo


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Brutal Mario World – SNES Super Nintendo

Brutal Mario is a ROM back created by a mysterious Japanese ROM-hacker who goes by the name of Carol. The game is interesting in the sense there are over large amount of custom bosses.


Time and time again, Bowser’s plans were constantly failed and peace was restored to the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to the great hero, Mario. The people of the Mushroom Kingdom praised his heroics. It was said that as long as Mario was alive, the kingdom’s prosperity would last forever.

Sadly, peace did not last long. Mario was crowned king of the Mushroom Kingdom. There was no end to his tyranny.

The land dried up. The people starved. And thus, the kingdom perished. Mario now had his eyes set on conquering the rich Koopa Kingdom, and so, he left the ruined kingdom.

However, in the supposedly vanished Mushroom Kingdom, the people swore revenge on Mario. Now, a movement against him began to rise.

Brutal Mario World is a fund and exciting game. Another fun action game to consider is The Firemen.

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