Breath Of Fire 2 Remastered – SNES Super Nintendo


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Breath Of Fire 2 Remastered – SNES Super Nintendo

Breath of Fire II is sequel to Breath of Fire that was originally developed and released by Capcom in 1993. It was first released for the Super Nintendo in Japan. And a year later, it was licensed by Squaresoft for release in North America.


The story-line starts 500 years after the original game, Breath of Fire. It centers on a orphan named Ryu Bateson whose family mysteriously vanished. When Ryu’s best friend is falsely accused of a crime, he embarks on a journey to clear his friend’s name. The game is a traditional role-playing video game featuring two-dimensional character sprites and environments. Each player can view the game from a top-down perspective, and move their characters in four directions across various environments including towns and dungeons. The player can then interact with non-player characters, and battle enemies to play the game.

Another fun platformer game to consider is The Legend of Zelda – Goddness of Widsom

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