Accele Brid – SNES Super Nintendo English Translated


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Accele Brid – SNES Super Nintendo English Translated

Accele Brid is an action game released by Tomy in 1993 for the Super Famicom. It has now been converted to play on US SNES systems.


Accele Brid is a very basic, linear “shoot’em’up” game where you pick a robot of your choice, Mare, Beliws or Nitika. Thereafter, you rig your robot with a variety of different weapons, and you have the opportunity to select different weapons before each stage. As you play through the game, you go through a pipe and blasts at everything that comes in your way. The robot can fire weapons from both arms as well as jump, kick and punch. Power-ups and bonuses can be picked up along the way to upgrade weapons or armor. Nevertheless, the graphics are interesting as it seems to be the SNES’s attempt at a quasi-3D engine.

Another fun action game to consider is The Firemen.

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