A Very Super Mario World – SNES Super Nintendo


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A Very Super Mario World – SNES Super Nintendo

A Very Super Mario World is another great game courtesy of SMW Central.


A Very Super Mario World is a classic platormer where there are eight primary worlds. There is also an extra world and a star world that connects various world together. A surprise secret world will test your mettle and patience. Just like any of the other Super Mario series, the goal of every level is to reach the end, and possibly fight a boss such as a koopaling.

There are many levels have secret exits which are usually opened by taking a key to a keyhole. Additionally, there are many features and gimmicks in each level, but the feeling of classic Mario platforming typically stays the same. The story is always the same which is Mario goes on an adventure to save his friends and the Princess from the evil King “Bowser”. Mario has to jump, shoot and even fly through the land in search of the castles controlled by Bowser’s underlings.

Overall, A Very Super Mario World is very fun to play and will provide hours of entertainment.

If you enjoy this game, consider Super Mario World 3X.

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